Package manager for mIRC Scripts.
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mIRC Package Manager

This is a mIRC Package Manager for mIRC Scripts from


  • Manages dependencies.


Note: access tokens are only visible once after being created, so copy it and save it


Load mIRCPackageManager.mRC located in the dist folder onto mIRC.


/mpm init

Creates a new package with the following folder/file structure:

Username\              A folder named after the username specified in the prompt.
  Package\             A folder named after the package name specified in the prompt.
    dist\              A folder where the distributable files will be located.
    src\               A folder where the source code files will be located.
      main.mRC         A file containing a helloworld alias command.
    test\              A folder where test files will be located.
    package.mpm        A file containing the information of the package.

/mpm load Username/Package

Loads all dendencies of a package along with all source code files located in src\ folder. If another package is currently loaded, it will unload it first.

/mpm unload

Unloads the current package loaded.

/mpm install Username/Package

Checks if the package is currently located locally on the packages folder, otherwise it tries to downloaded from If the package is found it will added as a dependency to the current pacakge and loads it to mIRC.

/mpm uninstall UserName/Package

Removes the package from dependencies of the current package and unloads it from mIRC.

Contributing & Development Process

If you would like to contribute in any way please read our file.

Authors and Acknowledgements

Author: Kedyn Macedonio (SykO)
Concept: Sophist

External Tools:

Script: Author:
download SReject
unzip westor

Initial documentation references:

GitHub (issue templates)
CCExtractor (pull request)


This project is made available under the MIT License.

Project status

Working on version: 0.1.0 Milestones


If you would like to see our changelog please read our file.