A graphical user interface for mIRC created with picture windows.
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Simple Graphical User Interface

This is a tool that gives an alternate interface for your projects. Currently it has two main parts, “dialogs” and “popups”. Both have a similar format to the native counterparts. One of the out standing features of this tool is that you can customize it by creating themes and skins.


  • Themes
  • Skins
  • New styles for dialog controls
  • Extra dialog controls: progress bar, track bar, listview


mIRC v7.55+


The main file is called SimpleGUI.mRC and it is located in the dist folder. That is the only file you need to start creating your projects.


For full documentation of this project visit it’s wiki page.

Contributing & Development Process

If you would like to contribute in any way please read our CONTRIBUTING.md file.

Authors and Acknowledgements

Author: Kedyn Macedonio (SykO)

Project status

Working on version: 1.0.0-alpha Milestones


If you would like to see our changelog please read our CHANGELOG.md file.


  • Default theme
  • Default skin
  • Text control
  • Edit control
  • Button control
  • Check control
  • Radio control
  • Box control
  • Progress bar control
  • Track bar control
  • List control
  • Combo control
  • Image control
  • Tab control
  • Menu control
  • Popups